Heidmed medical centre offers a variety of health related services of which the travel clinic forms an integral part. The 5 General practitioners strive to uphold a high standard of patient care supported by two dedicated nurses. We also offer: Laboratory on site (Ampath), Physiotherapy, psychology, a baby clinic, slender wonder, Botox, conscious sedation for minor procedures, visiting specialists (general surgeon and orthopaedic surgeon) orthotistic equipment and evaluation, sonar including “4d” sonar.

We are situated in Heidelberg and serve a wide area including surrounding towns (Nigel, Balfour, Grootvlei, Greylingstad and as far as Villiers) and the surrounding farms. Heidelberg is a diverse town with a rich cultural history and beautiful historic buildings. It began in 1862 as a German trading station of Mr. H. J. Ueckermann. Heidelberg is a typical Victorian town with buildings dating back to 1890-1910. There are many different economical activities including mining, agriculture, industries and tourism.

In Heidelberg there are a wide range of medical facilities including: a private hospital (life Suikerbosrand clinic), a government hospital, physiotherapists, psychologists (including a child psychologist), a wellness centre, dentists, optometrists’ and many more.

Our team of Skilled, qualified, professional and caring medical staff can assist you with all your travel health requirements.

Services consist of:

  • Advice and the assessment of health risks associated with travel, whether by land, air or sea.
  • Up-to-the-minute information on Hazards, extreme weather conditions and disease outbreaks in more than 250 countries, which means advice, can be specifically tailored to each individual’s journey.
  • All travel related vaccines (most on site.)
  • Individualized Malaria medication.
  • Cross Border Medicals in alignment with Occupational Health Requirements.
  • Tailor made “Travel Kits” to suite your specific medication needs.
  • Emergency contact information if needed.
  • Resulting in:

    “Peace of mind so that you can enjoy your holiday without worry about getting ill unnecessarily.“

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